My Lockbox Pro 4.5 Crack With Serial Key Download (New)

Download My Lockbox Pro 2023 Crack With Serial Number [Latest]

My Lockbox Pro 4.5 Crack can easily modify the program using the setting. You may also change the location, the theme and much more that.

My Lockbox Crack

My Lockbox Pro Crack is designed for the security of your phones, your personal data, your all legal information. The application is highly secured for all the mobile users. Software will allow you to install it in your phones and attached it with all the personal apps which you want to secure. There are some kind of people who have memory lost issue like they mostly forget their gadgets somewhere and then felt worried. Or we can say that nowadays there are thieves who stole your gadgets and then use them for ill-legally. In My Lockbox Pro Upgrade Code your files will not be accessible both from local and remote users. User can not see your folders, whether they are trying to do do in physical proximity or through the internet. When local and remote users attempt to see your data or folders, then you have the option of encrypting your sensitive material in your lockbox so they cannot see it.

Keep Secure Your All Kind Of Data In Secured Folders With Password Protection

My Lockbox Pro Serial Key have more amazing features too. If you entered your email address while creating the password, you will be sent the new code and can access the hidden files. If you did not provide email address, you would not have access to the hidden files. The application is very easy to use. After the initial setup, you can setup a password for your folder and lock it.

With a skinned user interface, the appearance and feel of the My Lockbox Serial Number may be customized to the users preferences by selecting from a variety of pre-defined themes. It will allow you to secure sensitive information from prying eyes and ensure that neither nearby or faraway individual can access or read your files. In this tool you may change the location of the protected files, the password, the hot keys, the trusted processes and much more.

Can a user provide individual security to his apps ?

So, Yeah a user can individually secure his mobile apps or folders user interface that is both favorable and straight forward with My Lockbox Pro Upgrade Code. You can easily choose the file or folder of your choosing from the path that you have selected and then easily set a password or delete them entirely.

Is the tool premium ?

No the tool is free of cost. There is no premium options in the tool.

How to use My Lockbox – Latest Version (4.5)?

  • Download and install complete setup.
  • Launch the app after installation.
  • Click “Lockbox” or “Add Folder” to create a locked folder.
  • Select the computer location for the locked folder.
  • Set a locked folder password.
  • This password is needed to access folder files.
  • After locking a folder, you can add files and subfolders.
  • Use your password to unlock the folder.
  • Copy or transfer protected files and folders to this restricted folder.
  • After adding files, click “Lock” or “Close” to close the locked folder.
  • Lock the folder and require the password to access its contents.
  • Open it, input the password, then open the locked folder to access the files.
  • You may modify a locked folder’s password.
  • You can erase the password and permanently unlock the folder.
  • Start with Windows, change the locked folder’s look, and more.
  • Set up the program to personalize your experience.
  • If you have any problems using this software, see its official documentation or contact support.

Features Of My Lockbox Pro Patch

  1. More than 10 diverse languages.
  2. Immediate data defense.
  3. Secure online password revival.
  4. Any folder can be password.
  5. Renamed the folders.
  6. Change the location.
  7. Free version protection.
  8. Hot key combinations.
  9. Antivirus or backups will also secure.
  10. User interface modern.
  11. Locking system critical folders.
  12. Freeware.
  13. Very easy to use.
  14. Highly recommended.
  15. Not premium.

My Lockbox Pros And Cons:


  • File Protection
  • Ease of Use
  • Quick Access
  • Customizable
  • Organized Storage


  • Single Point of Failure
  • Limited Encryption
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • False Sense of Security
  • Compatibility
  • Resource Usage

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How to install My Lockbox Pro Download?

  • Firstly, Open your chrome.
  • Download & My Lockbox Pro Keygen.
  • Open it.
  • Install it.
  • Use & Enjoy.

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