Revoice Pro Crack With Re-Pitch Elements (Activated)

Download Revoice Pro Crack With VocAlign Pro & Re-Pitch Bundle

In the world of music production and post-production, Revoice Pro 4 Crack is a highly effective tool for time-aligning and pitch-correcting.

Revoice Pro Download

Revoice Pro Crack is a remarkable piece of software that has quickly become the standard tool for both seasoned experts and aspiring artists. Envision a future where pitch issues are corrected automatically and voice harmonies are perfectly in time at the push of a button. The enchantment here is performed by this software with it’s user-friendly exterior belies a robust set of tools meant to take your audio creation to new heights.

The Automatic Doubler is one of the most impressive function of this software. This technological miracle allows you to easily generate full, natural-sounding double recordings, therefore enhancing your vocals’ depth and presence. You can easily add the richness of a full choir to your solo performance with the push of a button. The algorithms that control it’s Time and Pitch are revolutionary. For instance, the Alignment tool guarantees perfect alignment between numerous vocal files, eliminating any mistakes made during the recording process. This kind of painstaking care is what distinguishes a solid production from a truly memorable one.

Revoice Pro Free Download addition of Warp further enhances its already stellar capabilities. Envision being able to adjust the tempo of each note to perfection, so that your vocal phrases always fall in time with the song. Producers who want to hone their sound with surgical precision will appreciate the time and mental space this degree of accuracy affords them.

An Outstanding Pitch And Timing Toolbox With Natural Pitch Correction

The revolutionary nature of Revoice Pro Full Crack sets apart from other tools. Because even the most complex voice arrangements can be fine-tuned to perfection, it encourages artists to push their creative limits. The Vibrato Warp is yet another hidden treasure that improves voice control and refinement through minute modulations in pitch.

Revoice Pro is also excellent for use in post-production to ensures flawless integration in film and television projects, imagine easily synchronizing the time and pitch of conversation to a reference track. The Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) features have significantly altered the way that sound editors approach this critical post-production step.

The potential uses for Revoice Pro 4 Download are endless. It’s a partner in your pursuit of superior sound. This incredible organism can accomplish anything from duplicating vocals to aligning intricate harmonies, from refining timing to sculpting pitch, and can help you create masterpieces that will connect with audiences all over the world. The cutting edge of audio editing software, so dive in and let your imagination run wild.

What is Revoice Pro: Explain it

Synchro Arts has created cutting-edge software for manipulating audio, called Revoice Pro. Pitch correction, time alignment, and vocal processing are just some of the main uses of this program.

How does it’s Automatic Doubler Work’s ?

Using just one speech recording, Automatic Doubler may generate two tracks that sound completely genuine. Iit creates harmonies that add to the fullness and depth of the source voice performance.

What is Warp Editing ?

Warp Editing is a tool that lets its users adjust the tempo of individual audio recordings to perfection.

How does APT (Audio Transfer Performance) work’s ?

It’s Unique to APT is the ability to copy an audio performance’s timing, pitch, and volume to another file.

How to use Revoice Pro Full Version ?

Setup and installation:

  • Download complete setup file from a trusted resource.
  • Install the right version for your DAW.

Launching Revoice Pro in DAW:

  • Open your favorite DAW and start or open a session.
  • Create a Revoice Pro track.
  • These are mainly bus or auxiliary tracks.

Sending Revoice Pro Audio:

  • Route audio in your DAW.
  • You may work with vocals, instruments, or any audio.

Work in Revoice Pro:

  • It may be used independently or as a DAW plugin.
  • Import audio files to process.
  • Dragging and dropping them into typically works.

Operation Basics:

Manual Change:

  • Use APT, Warp, and Vibrato Warp to manually change audio time, pitch, and other parameters.


  • Use Automatic Doubler to produce natural harmonies and duplicate recordings.

APT: Audio Performance Transfer:

  • APT helps align voice takes and match speech to a reference track in post-production.

Warp Editing:

  • Adjust audio track time to match the music.

Vibrato Warp:

  • Adjust voice pitch modulation (vibrato).

Watching and Previewing:

  • Adjustments may be played again to verify they sound right.

Exporting Processed Audio:

  • Export the edited audio back to your DAW when you’re happy.
  • Bouncing or recreating the track.

Finally Adjusting Your DAW:

  • You may fine-tune the processed audio, modify levels, and add effects and processing in your DAW.


  • So you may make edits later and save your project in your DAW.

New Features Of Revoice Pro 4 Torrent : –

  1. Automatically generates vocal duplicate recordings that sound very genuine.
  2. In order to get the best possible synchronization between several audio recordings, warp editing is used.
  3. The voice pitch modulation effect Vibrato Warp provides may be adjusted and controlled by the user.
  4. APT (Audio Performance Transfer) is a method for transferring musical performances while maintaining the integrity of their tempo, pitch, and volume.
  5. The Time and Pitch Toolset gives you a wide range of control options.
  6. Tools for manual adjustment allow for precise manipulation of timing, pitch, and other parameters.
  7. You may use it on its own, or as a plugin in your favorite DAW.
  8. Replacement dialogue is timed and pitched similarly to the original performance using automatic dialogue replacement (ADR).
  9. The macOS and Windows operating systems are both fully supported.
  10. Designed with the user in mind, the interface is straightforward and simple to use.
  11. Effective Vocal Processing that Brings Out the Best in Your Vocal Tracks.

What’s New ?

  • Natural Pitch Correction
  • Process Groups
  • Quick APT & Quick Doubler Plug-ins
  • ARA2 Integration With Compatible DAWs
  • Works Standalone

Revoice Pro System Requirements:


  1. Intel Dual Core processor or higher
  2. macOS 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or higher
  3. 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
  4. An internet connection is required for activation


  • Intel Dual Core processor or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit)
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
  • An internet connection is required for activation

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Complete Installation Guide Of Revoice Pro Torrent:

  1. Download Free Revoice Pro Crack
  2. Un-Extract downloaded setup file
  3. The password of the file is 1212
  4. Install it completely in your system
  5. Launch and edit your voice pitches and tracks.

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